Why hunt the Faith Ranch?

Intensive management and a commitment wildlife research

Nature provides the Faith Ranch with the ingredients to produce large white-tailed deer.  Our primary job is to conserve what nature has provided.  We do that by very conservative harvest practices: we DO NOT allow immature bucks to be killed and we limit the number of each buck class—gold, silver, and bronze—our hunters take. To paraphrase a tired cliché, “we will harvest no buck before its time.”

Our secondary effort is to enhance the quality of the white-tailed deer at the Faith Ranch.   Not only has the knowledge we have gained from the years of white-tailed deer research on the Faith Ranch helped us understand what ingredients produce large white-tailed bucks, but we are also plugged into the latest white-tailed deer research as a result of our association with the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute.  In1997 the Faith Ranch began an intensive management program under high fence using protein feed, extensive water development, grass management, and intensive harvest management.  We are confident that the benefits of sustained nutrition and intensive management will improve the quality of Faith Ranch whitetails even beyond the level that nature provides. The Faith Ranch now has over 9,000 acres of its 40,000 total acres under intensive high-fence management.

--Stuart W. Stedman

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